Meet Margy & Robin

Including a performance of Robin's song, "The Garden"

Why Watch This Class?

We're all going to die; this is a non-negotiable fact.  What IS negotiable is how and where we prefer to die, and what happens to our body afterward.  Writing our wishes down in an Advance Directive takes a lot of the mystery out of the process for our loved ones, should we become unable to speak on our own behalf.

After death occurs, if we have lovingly cared for someone at home during their dying time, or have been cared for, why should after-death care be turned over to strangers?  For most of human history, people have cared for their own dead.  In addition to huge monetary savings, a home funeral can help facilitate healing after we, or a loved one dies, by having more time to viscerally accept the FACT of death, and by the giving of one last outpouring of love and honor on behalf of the beloved.

This one-hour class with supporting materials will introduce you to Advance Directives and Home Funerals.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Meet Margy & Robin
    • Let's Explore
    • Advance Directive Forms
    • Advance Directive Reminders
    • Home Funeral Definition
    • Home Funeral Reminders
    • Resources and Consulations
    • Details Needed to Complete the Death Certificate

Robin & Margy

  • Robin  Cottrell

    Robin Cottrell


    Robin Cottrell has been drawn to this work since 2001, when three important elders in her life died within 13 months of one another. She was at the bedsides of all three, and has since been present at the bedsides of many others. Her work as a Hospice volunteer led her to the Final Passages advanced training, through which she is a Certified Death Midwife and Home Funeral Guide. She is a singer/songwriter, the director of Threshold Singers of Ukiah, and the founder of We Are Gatekeepers. Robin brings her gift of loving support and calm presence to people in their dying process.
  • Margy Henderson

    Margy Henderson

    Sound Healer

    Margy Henderson has been an end-of-life worker since 1975, guiding and supporting many people during the dying process. She has completed advanced training with Final Passages and is a Certified Death Midwife and Home Funeral Guide. In addition to being a founding member of Threshold Choir and a Certified Hand Analyst, Margy is an accomplished Sound Healer, using sound as shamanic practice to ease the transition of the dying. She has trained with such notable sound healers as Tito La Rosa, Tom Kenyon, & Jill Purce, and has been offering private sound sessions, as well as classes, for 18 years.